Our core business is buying and selling recycled RPET flakes / Food grade pellets. In a fast growing and developing world the problem of waste demands a solution. At the same time, primary commodities are getting scarce. Packaging materials like plastics can create problems but are also a source for new products at the same time. They are secondary commodities! Because of our long time experience we understand the technical characteristics and the commercial opportunities of the different materials.

Dutch PET Recycling is a specialist in buying and selling recycled RPET flakes / Food grade pellets.

We have a large network with suppliers and local agents.


Being a partner of PRA, with plants in Burkina Faso and Tanzania, we are also able to supply RPET Bottles.

Partnership with Polymers UpCycling BV to collect the used PET liner in Europe / UK.

Freight forwarders with locations all over the world are partnering in logistics.

All our partners know our business and will give the best service to you.

Reach registered

Besides the material, also an optimal logistics flow of paper work will be arranged.

Together we will help solving the waste problem.


Dutch PET Recycling will help you to reach the targets of your Sustainable Development Goals

Do you want to contribute to a circular industry and a more sustainable world? Or do you want more information about our services?