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Announcement: Dutch PET Recycling is OBP-certified

Dutch PET Recycling is proud to announce that they have become the first Dutch Company that is OBP certified. Together with one of our suppliers we are now able to deliver Ocean RPET.  Each step of the process is transparent, traceable and verifiable. From collecting used bottles till delivering Ocean RPET Flakes on your front door!

Ocean Bound Plastic Certified Logo

Ocean Bound Plastic is indirectly defined by the publication of Jenna Jembeck et al. in Science on 13th February 2015. In general one can say that Ocean Bound Plastic is a plastic waste that is not collected correctly and is abandoned in the environment where it will be transported to the ocean either by rain, wind, tides, river flow or floods.

The OBP Certification Program was developed by the NGO Zero Plastic Oceans in collaboration with the certification group Control Union. They are an independent and worldwide certifier on OBP!

The OBP Certification Program is designed to encourage the removal of Ocean Bound Plastic from the environment by adding value in effectively collecting and treating it before it reaches oceans. That is why Dutch PET Recycling is proud to contribute to a coherent global action against Ocean Bound Plastic and preventing Ocean Plastic.

Join us in using Ocean RPET!